Single L.I.F.E

Our singles’ ministry, Single Living In Full Ecstasy, focuses on living fully in Christ. This is not a ministry to “hook up”. It teaches you how to be a good “single” while you are becoming complete in Christ. The only thing that can make you whole is Jesus. There is a void that nothing can fill but a relationship with Christ. This ministry centers on being single minded, which allows you to focus on yourself and the development of your relationship with God. You’ve got to work your purpose so that you do not remain the same. If you want more, build your capacity so you can handle more.

However, don’t just change for the sake of change. Ask God for direction. When you start using what God gave you it will produce fruit. Your life is for that moment when you stand before God. Figure out what needs to be worked on and enhanced in your life. So many times you’re looking for your “next”, but there are times when you can’t control your “next”. You can work and enhance during the test. If you are excellent where you are it will attract opportunities to you.