Seniors Overcoming And Renewed is the ministry for our seniors (ages 65+). It is a great time for our seniors to get some specific teaching for where they are. God has something for us all to do at every age and every stage. He will give us the strength and ability to fulfill that call if we rely on Him. In Isaiah 40:29 the Bible says that God “gives power” and “increases strength” for those who need it. God can and will equip us to do any work He calls us to do! Seniors Overcoming And Renewed, allow God to renew your strength so that He can continue to use you! Your work is not done yet!

A special commission Pastor Dominic has given to the SOAR members of New Life is to mentor our Journey (Young Adult) members. He believes that our seniors have a wealth of wisdom and experience to pour into the younger generation. This goes for setting an example of living a godly lifestyle to simply life lessons in general. SOAR members are honored and valued at New Life.