My Brother's Keeper

This is New Life’s men’s ministry. The theme is “Don’t do life alone.” It’s all about brotherhood. It’s an opportunity for all the men to get together and feed on the Word of God. A statement Pastor Dominic always makes revolving around the importance of brotherhood is, “The devil wants to isolate you so he can devastate you.” We want to create a brotherhood and an environment where we can come together and love and support each other.

In Genesis when God created the earth with all the animals, plants, vegetation, and food he needed a caretaker. God gave man the directive to rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living thing. Following the creation, God created a garden and this was man’s first assignment (Gen. 2:15) which was to tend, guard, and keep it. There is an anointing on a man of God who is lead by the Holy Spirit. The original design of the family is for the Man to lead his family as he follows Christ.