Our young adults ministry (ages 18-35), was re-named “Journey” in 2020. Pastor Dominic has discussed how we can be productive during our young adult years and how we can be successful through the journey. There are several young individuals in the Bible that were excellent where they were while using their gifts that went on to lead nations and movements that impacted the world. It’s critical to master and enjoy where you are right now on the journey while preparing for the next.

During the journey you will discover three things: God for yourself, yourself (who you really are), and your purpose. When discovering God for yourself it has to be a self-revelation. As you discover yourself, nothing will expose what’s on the inside of you like a test! When you discover your purpose, life will weigh a lot more. When you figure out who you are, nothing and no one can move you. Knowing God, yourself, and your purpose lay the foundation for the rest of your life.