Our outreach ministry is called Impact. In Matthew 25:35-40 Jesus tells a parable about how helping those who were hungry, thirsty, homeless, and incarcerated are the same as helping Him. Jesus looks at us helping one another as if we are doing it unto him. It is our duty to spread and show the love of Christ to everyone. In this passage, not only does Jesus commend those who showed mercy and helped those in need, he then condemned those who ignored the cries of the needy. As followers of Christ we are expected to follow Jesus’ example of being moved by compassion for those in need.

Additionally, in Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus’ last words on this earth were instructed to his disciples to teach what he taught them everywhere they went. Throughout the Bible there are instances recorded of people of God meeting the needs of the people. In the Old Testament there was Elijah who miraculously provided for a widow woman and her son who nearly starved to death. In the New Testament there were numerous occasions where Jesus helped the poor expecting nothing in return. Jesus just loved people and we are to do the same.