God's Choice

The theme of our women’s ministry is “You are God’s Choice”. The same thing that makes a woman special and unique is the thing that a woman can struggle with. If the enemy can get to your mind he can destroy your life. The enemy will make you think that you’re not enough. However, if God chose us, what is the issue? God says one thing and then the enemy says something contrary. How do you keep the enemy out of your head and from making you think you’re not enough? Realize you are recreated in Christ Jesus! Who you are in Christ is what matters.

Don’t worry about anything anyone says, know who you are in Christ! Tell yourself you are special. Your self-esteem should not be built on self, but on Christ. It is not any material thing or man that makes you special, but Christ. Unless your self-esteem is built on Christ, it is built in vain. You’re a winner in Christ Jesus! You are connected to the Anointed One! Confess this over yourself: “I am somebody. I am special. I am beautiful. I am more than enough because of who I am in Christ.”